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Being a local company, with staff that live nearby in the surrounding Halifax and Calderdale areas, we know first-hand how devastating it was when the River Calder burst its banks and the 2015 Christmas floods  damaged homes, businesses and families. We have witnessed how long it has taken communities to rebuild and recover and are happy to say we can help in the repair process and help implement home flood defences and effective preventive measures to minimise future flood damage.

In wake of the floods, the Government has given Calderdale Council a community grant intended to help support you with your recovery costs, including the expense of repairs, property flood defences, paying for alternative accommodation or installing measures that will help prevent future flood damage and protect your home.

Part of this funding which has been issued to Calderdale Council is categorised under the Repair and Renew Scheme. Under this financial aid initiative, affected and eligible homeowners and tenants can claim up to £5000 for property flood defence products and preventative measures to be installed in their property or home.

Thompson’s Gas’ reliable and friendly team can provide flood defence quotes free of charge to assess what protection your property requires against flooding. Our skilled team can then provide and install a wealth of reliable flood defence products.

Our property flood defences and associated products include non-return valves, flood barriers and raising electrical equipment such as sockets or boilers above flood levels to reduce flood damage, assessing the effectiveness of existing elements of your property, such as tank testing doors and windows and much more.

All our flood defence products align with and are based on the British Standards publicly available specification known as PAS 1188. PAS1188 is broken down into four parts:

  • Part 1 covers products that seal holes and gaps in buildings and entrances to properties. This includes the long-term solution of the waterproof sealing of brickwork, coating bricks in a water-repellent sealant and self-closing bricks (bricks with holes in them) that seal themselves when there is a danger of water seeping into a building.
  • Part 2 encompasses temporary and  provisional  flood protection products.
  • Part 3 refers to building skirt systems, a mix of materials and temporary parts that restrict the flow of water penetrating a building at or above ground level.
  • Part 4 include demountable home flood defences and property flood protection that tend to face away from a building.  

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