£5,000 Flood Defence Grant from Calderdale Council*

All Application Forms Must Be Submitted By 31st March 2017

What is available?

Both residents and business owners affected by the December floods in Calderdale can apply for a Government flood defence grant; the Hardship Grant and the Repair and Renew Grant, to help towards the costs of repairs, alternative accommodation and future property flood defences.

Hardship Grant

If your home was flooded in the recent floods in Calderdale, you could be eligible for the £500 Hardship Grant. To be eligible for the Government grant flood water must have entered your home, this includes damage to garages that are included in the fabric of the building.

Repair and Renew Grant Scheme

Up to £5,000 can be claimed for measures that will help to protect your home and business against any future flooding. This can be for both works that will reduce flood damage such as non-return valves, raising electrical equipment such as sockets, or work which will make it easier in the cleanup process such as lime based plaster or replacing wooden floors with titles.

Will I get the payment?

The £500 payment will be made to you if your home has recently been flooded. The payment will be made to the person who is named as the council tax payer in the property – in rented property, this will be the tenant.

What is the money for?

The Government has provided Calderdale Council with a community grant which aims to help support you with your recovery costs such as repairs or paying for alternative accommodation.

How to Apply

Visit Calderdale Council’s website in order to fill out the form for the flood grants and help to finance property flood defences. If you need any help filling in your application form, call Thompson’s Heating & Gas and we will assist you in completing your application and submitting it to the council. flood-defence-ad800 *Thompson’s Gas & Heating are an independent company that supplies and fits flood defence products. Calderdale Council provide the community grant.