Flood Defence, Flood Defence Products As the recent winters have been some of the wettest on record, we are proud to offer a range of property flood defences to protect your home or business from flooding. The government has provided local councils with money for flood defence grants. Eligible residents can apply for these grants to pay for the flood defence products that we provide.  We have since provided reliable and efficient home flood defences and protective property services to homes and businesses across the Calder Valley and as far as Leeds. Our team are friendly and experienced and we are happy to provide a convenient and quick 24/7 hour call out service.

PAS 1188 Standard

All our home flood defences and associated products align with and are based on the British Standards publicly available specification known as PAS 1188.

The most recent version of the specification was published in 2014.

  • Part 1 of the PAS 1188 covers building aperture products. These include products that seal holes and gaps in buildings and entrances to properties.
  • Part 2 of the PAS 1188 includes temporary, provisional and demountable flood protection products. They are installed during or immediately after a flood warning and taken away when water levels have retreated.
  • Part 3 of the PAS 1188 is about building skirt systems. These property flood defences are a mix of materials and parts that restrict the flow of water penetrating a building at or above ground level. They are a temporary sealing solution for the exterior faces of buildings above ground level should flood water reach a level between 600mm and 900mm above ground level.
  • Part 4 of the PAS 1188 comprises of demountable flood defence products. Products that can be taken away and reinstalled on permanent mountings qualify as demountable flood defence products. They face away from buildings and are sometimes sealed against buildings at section ends.
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FREE Flood Defence Quotes

We provide flood defence quotes free of charge to assess what protection your property requires against flooding.

We can also put you in touch with trust-worthy chartered surveyors who can carry out a flood defence survey on your home or property. Please note: Surveys of this kind are not free and you will be charged by the chartered surveyor for this service.

Our Property Flood Defences:


Sump Pumps

Often located in the basements of homes that are usually prone to flooding, these pumps get rid of water which has collected in a sump basin. They transport water away from a house to a place where it will no longer be a problem, a public storm drain for example.

Flood Barriers

These are protective blockades installed around vulnerable buildings to keep floodwaters at bay. They are a preventative measure to avoid water entering a building and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Barriers tend to be fitted to doors, windows and even cat flaps, acting as a watertight seal. They can be temporary or permanent fixture.
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Tank Testing of Doors and Windows

Tank testing is the inspection of a product, such as flood protected doors and windows, under a controlled environment. To satisfy PAS 1188 standards, flood defence doors and windows need to be repeatedly tested in still water, waves, and currents.
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Non-return valves

The back-filling of sewerage pipes can trigger flood water to flow into a home or building through ground floor bathrooms, plug holes and household appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines. By fitting non-return valves to a property’s current pipes and drains, backflow is prevented. They are quick to install and react immediately to any flooding by closing automatically.


The re-pointing of brickwork involves the filling in or fixing of a structure’s joints. Re-pointing prevents flooding by sealing gaps in the brickwork joints so water can’t infiltrate the building, ensuring it is completely and utterly watertight.

Water Proof Sealing

This long-lasting solution to flood protection entails coating brickwork in water-repellent sealant. The flood control coating conveniently takes on the original colour and texture of the masonry it is applied to and shields walls against harm from mould, salts, frost damage as well as flooding.

Self-Closing Airbricks

Air bricks are bricks that are hollow or have holes in them. Self-closing airbricks are a flood resistant measure that seal themselves when there is a danger of water ingress in a building.

Relocating Boilers and At- Risk Appliances

To protect your home, we can transfer any ‘at risk’ appliances, such as boilers, power sockets and electricity meters above the high-water flood levels, to a safer location. Main appliances can be raised on platforms, whilst any wirework and pipes that are situated beneath the ground floor can be redirected above the ceiling.

Relocating Main Fuse Boards

We all know water and electricity don’t mix. By moving your main fuse board to an area that is not normally vulnerable to flooding, such as away from your basement and cellar, it is a lot safer if a flood does occur.

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