We are pleased to install and service ATAG boilers to homes and business premises across the Calderdale region and surrounding areas.

ATAG Heating Technology are a leading energy company based in The Netherlands with over 65 years’ valuable industry experience under their belts.

Why Choose ATAG Boilers?

First and foremost, ATAG only sell their prestigious boilers to official Gas Safe registered engineers like ourselves. By law all gas engineers in the UK have to be on the national Gas Safe Register to prove that they can legally and safety install, maintain and service fires, cookers, boilers and other gas equipment and appliances.

Being on the register also serves as a reassuring and recognisable symbol of trust for customers’ peace of mind. It also means that each boiler installed comes with expert and reliable heating advice.

ATAG boilers hold the position of being the most energy efficient in Europe and can cut your energy bills by a staggering £570 a year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Furthermore, the in-built economiser technology can potentially save you and your household up to £40 per year on hot water.

As well as energy saving and bill reducing qualities, ATAG boilers are accompanied by a flexible range of warranties that start at a minimum of 5 years’ standard on all boilers to up to 10 years’ full parts and labour cover.

Another reassuring factor is that the company’s products have been voted ‘Best Boiler’ by Dutch consumers for the past 7 years, which can’t be a coincidence! This high rating was given based on performance, how user-friendly their boilers were and overall customer satisfaction and approval.

If you have any enquiries about getting an ATAG boiler installed or maintained, please contact us or call us on: 01422 246 681 today and we’d be happy to help!