epc-slider If you are a landlord or selling a house in the Calder Valley region, you will probably be interested to know that we are now an official and accredited domestic energy assessor. This means we can issue you with your Energy Performance Certificate, after carrying out a check on the energy performance of your home or property. Energy Performance Certificates are required by law for properties when they are either rented, sold or built.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

You would have seen the coloured stickers on any fridges, freezers, washing machines or other household appliances that your brought recently. Energy Performance Certificates, which are valid for 10 years, are similar. They tell you how energy efficient your website is by awarding your property an energy efficiency grade and outlines ways in which you can improve this efficiency score.

Energy Performance Certificate Content Breakdown

Energy Performance Certificates, Energy Performance rating The colourful bit of your Energy Performance Certificate shows you how energy efficient your property is. It showcases your efficiency rating by giving it a grade with the grading system being set up Grade A to Grade G. Grade A signifies a very energy efficient and well-insulated property, most likely a modern building, right the way through to Grade G, which represents a low energy efficiency level. Grade G properties are often draughty and old. Changes to law mean from April 2018, if you are a landlord you will have to secure am minimum of an E rating on the Energy Performance Certificate belonging to your rented property. If not, you face a hefty fine of up to £4000. You will also see a figure between 1 – 100, where the higher the number the more efficient a property is and the lower the fuel bills will be. Energy efficiency, Energy Performance Certificate Your Energy Performance Certificate will provide a suggested price of how much it would be to power and heat your property. Everyone loves to save money so you’ll also be pleased to see details listed on what potential savings you could make, should you take steps to enhance the energy efficiency of your household running costs. Energy Performance Certificate, This part of your Energy Performance Certificate will give you an indication of what the energy efficiency of various features of your home are. It can be useful to use this information to help you decide what aspects need your attention most when improving your property’s energy efficiency.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

There is no set price for what an Energy Performance Certificate Costs. The expense will vary depending on what type of property you own and how many bedrooms it has. The location of your property can also have a significant impact on the cost.

Why Choose Thompson’s Gas to carry out your Energy Performance Certificates?

Our team are as efficient as we hope your property is! Friendly and skilled, our experienced staff boast an excellent turnaround and quality service, happy to answer any questions you have. To arrange an Energy Performance Certificate for your property contact us or call us on: 01422 246 681 today!