Here at Thompson’s, we always stress how important it is to regularly maintain and service your heating appliances. To save on costs and avoid the hassle of remembering to book, we advise our customers to consider our No Hassle Heating Plan which includes a complementary annual service and priority breakdown cover.

Heating or servicing plans are becoming increasingly more common in our industry, and saves you the headache of sorting out your own servicing, as well as spreading out the cost over a year. You may have seen adverts promoting similar products from companies such as British Gas, or even heard ours on Pulse 1 and Pulse 2 radio!

Regular servicing ensures your boiler is working efficiently, as well as prolonging its lifespan for several years, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds on heating bills and repairs. We would advise all our customers to consider one, but it’s also important to look at the terms and conditions.

As with all contracts, the devil is in the detail. We have heard from numerous customers that they had a servicing plan with a large supplier, only to find out that key services aren’t covered. The most common complaint we have received is that sludge removal is not part of a heating plan.

Sludge occurs from dirt and rust build up within a heating system that causes your house to not heat up evenly and efficiently. This can result in your bills rising, your house being cold and you feeling poorly done by! As a somewhat common occurrence, not having this covered in your plan can be a big headache and leave you wondering what you’re paying for.

Thankfully, our No Hassle Heating Plan, starting at just £9.99, covers sludge removal and all the essential maintenance needs for a heating system. Take a look at the list below to see all the benefits of our Bronze plan, and contact us today to see how much you can save.

No Hassle Heating Plan – Bronze Boiler Cover

  • Annual service of your boiler to make sure it’s running safely and efficiently
  • Labour costs for work done on the:
  • Gas fired domestic central heating boiler and controls
  • Thermostats, circulating pump and motorised valves
  • Clocks, timers and programmers
  • Primary flue and draught diverter
  • Room thermostats, radiators, valves, feed and expansion tank, hot water tank pipers and fittings
  • Hot & cold water pipes, cold water tank and overflows
  • Gas supply pipes inside your home
  • Water supply pipes inside your home
  • Blocked or leaking internal drains and waste pipes