Here at Thompson’s Gas, we receive a lot of enquiries about funding for boiler installations and free boilers. Thankfully, there are schemes out there that allow certain individuals to qualify for a new boiler, without paying a penny. Below we are going to go into detail about our most popular scheme currently, so that you know exactly whether you qualify or not.

The British Gas Energy Trust Scheme

The British Gas Energy Trust is an independent charitable trust that provides grants for boiler repairs or replacements. If you’re suffering from financial hardship, and don’t have enough money at the end of the month, you may qualify.

Qualification Criteria

Unlike many previous schemes, you do not have to be in receipt of any state benefits to qualify for this, although in certain cases you may need to be a British Gas customer. To qualify for a new boiler, your current boiler must meet certain criteria;
  • The boiler is more than 10 years old or
  • The boiler is inefficient (F or G rated) or
  • The boiler has been condemned or
  • The boiler is obsolete
Please note, it does not have to fit all the criteria, only one is necessary. This check must be undertaken by a registered gas engineer. The main element for determining whether you qualify is your financial situation. While you do not need to be receiving benefits, you must be able to show that a new boiler is currently unaffordable for you. You must complete a financial statement, giving information about your income, expenditure and providing details of any debts. Generally, if you have no spare money after your household bills, regular living expenses and debts have been paid, you may qualify for the grant. Proof of income must be submitted with every application and must be dated within the past three months. If you are working, you will need to provide three recent or consecutive wage slips, or confirmation of your wage from your employer. If you have physical or mental health problems, these will likely strengthen your application, although evidence must be provided. Prescriptions or hospital appointment letters are sufficient, and you do not need a supporting letter from your GP if they charge for this service. At Thompson’s, we have already installed numerous boilers under this scheme and want to make sure that everyone who qualifies gets the home heating that they deserve. If you think you match the above criteria, contact us and we will get you on a fast track to a warm home!

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