5 tips to save money on your heating

5 tips to save money on your heating

Here at Thompson’s, we care about saving you money and making sure that your heating works as well as possible, for as long as possible.

Whether you’re renting or own your own home, you’re responsible for paying the bills and responsible for how much energy you use. Energy bills can take up a large chunk of your monthly budget, and with fuel poverty being a very real problem for many in West Yorkshire, it’s important you know how to save. Take a look at our five tips to save money on your heating below, and let us know what you think!


Switching suppliers only takes a couple of weeks, and is a simple and easy way to save money on your bills without making any changes to your lifestyle. You will need a recent energy bill and your bank details. Ofgem conveniently compiles a list of accredited price comparison sites for your energy usage. Click here to take a look and see how much you could save.

Turn down the Thermostat

If you’re properly Yorkshire and think you can handle it being a little colder indoors, or even willing to chuck on a jumper, you can save a lot of money by turning the heating down. Turning down the temperature on your central heating by just two degrees can save as much as £120 a year on your heating bills. If you want to make a big change, start at the thermostat.

Be Careful in Your Kitchen

Being smart in the kitchen about how you use your appliances can save you money immediately, here are a few tips from the Energy Saving Trust! Using a Bowl to wash up rather than running the tap can save you £25 a year. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need and save £7 a year. Only doing one weekly wash for your clothes can save you £5 a year

Get Smart

Using a Smart thermostat gives you total control of your home heating, and their learning technology lets it know when you need your heating on or off at the most efficient times for you. A smart thermostat can save up to £300 a year on your heating bills, a huge reduction!

Look for Funding

At Thompson’s Gas we are experts in sourcing schemes for the free installation of new, energy efficient boilers. Most recently, our new scheme in collaboration with British Gas entitles you to a free boiler even if you aren’t receiving benefits. A new boiler can save you as much as £250 a year, and not having to put any money up for that is a fantastic deal! As one of the easiest and cheapest home improvements to make a big impression on your bills, check with us to see what we can do.