Be prepared for flooding

Be prepared for flooding

Flood warnings as Calderdale sees high rainfall

November 21st 2016 saw the highest level of rainfall in 2016, bringing back memories of the Boxing Day Floods of 2015. Many people remember the havoc these floods caused and are taking necessary preparations to ensure it does not happen again. Make sure you are defended against future floods by following these tips:

Check to see if you are at risk from flooding

Use the Government’s Long Term Flood Risk Assessment to see if your property is at risk from flooding. By entering your postcode you can see if you are at high, medium or low risk of flooding. You can also view the surrounding area on a map to see whether it will affect transport links or business properties

Keep valuables and important documents upstairs

Try to store anything paper-based or soluble in waterproof containers and as high as possible. This is especially important for insurance and financial documents that you may need to access quickly in the event of flooding.

Fill in your own Personal Flood Plan

The Environment Agency have provided a template for a personal flood plan which you can download here. Make sure you fill this out so you have a reference document if your property floods.

Sign up for flood alerts

The Environment Agency also have a flood alert system in place. You just have to register for free here and add your phone number or email address to get to-the-minute flood alerts. Here are what the alerts mean:

Be prepared for flooding

If your social media savvy – join Facebook groups for up-to-date news and assistance

There are quite a few Facebook Groups set up now for towns in Calderdale. The Calder Valley Flood Support group was set up to support people affected by flooding and as a way for people to volunteer to help. Here you can usually find up-to-date news about which areas are flooding, where to find sandbags, and the local flood wardens’ comments. Definitely a great group to be part of if you are worried about flooding.

Protect your home before it floods

Installing flood barriers are a great way of stopping floodwater at the door. They can be easily put up when a thunderstorm is forecast or when a flood warning is received. Many Calderdale residents are eligible for a Resiliance Grant from Calderdale Council, call the council on 01422 288001 for more information. Thompsons Gas & Heating are working independently with the council doing flood resilience work & we’d be only too happy to help you with any information you may require. Give us a call on 01422 246 681 or email for information on all our flood defence products.

Most importantly: Stay Safe!

We hope these tips help in a small way. If you have any questions or enquiries about flood barriers and defences for home, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 01422 246 681 or email We’re on hand to help.