Free Boilers

If you’re struggling to afford a new boiler, and your old boiler is broken or proving unreliable, our team at Thompson’s may be able to help with a free boiler. As Gas Boiler & Heating Specialists, Thompson’s are proud to have worked on numerous government and trust schemes in the past combatting fuel poverty and helping to install heating measures where they are needed the most.

Many consumers will be aware of the ECO scheme, where those claiming certain benefits can qualify for a free boiler. In addition to schemes such as this, Thompson’s work with numerous groups and always stay ahead of current trends to ensure that if there is something in place that our customers can benefit from, we will implement it.

Thompson’s Gas are both funding experts and experts in the installation of heating measures from homes and businesses. If you think you qualify, we work with you from first contact all the way through to handover. Our dedicated in house office team are on hand to talk you through any schemes that are available, as well as advising on whether they think you should apply. In addition, if your funding is successful, our installations team can provide all the work required. If you are unsuccessful, our team can always advise on other methods to heat your home. From finance to minor improvements, a little can go a long way! 

We currently do not have any free boiler schemes that we are working with now, but that does not mean that there will not be any in the future. To keep ahead of everyone else, leave your details and we will contact you when something becomes available to check if you qualify.

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