Landlords & Letting Agents

Being a Landlord can be rewarding and not just in a financial sense. Here at Thompson’s Gas, we understand that the abundance of certificates, documents and regulations you need to have and comply with by law as a Landlord can be a lot to deal with. In addition, if one of your tenants suffers a gas leak or boiler breakdown, you need to get it fixed right away. Keeping on top of these issues can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.

Our friendly team are delighted to be on-hand to answer any questions you have regarding Gas Safety. At the end of the day, we know you want the very best for your tenants’, health, safety and finances.

At Thompson’s, we have a range of products and services available to give you piece of mind, 24/7 cover, and more manageable cashflow for your properties.

No Hassle Heating Plans

Keeping on top of your heating maintenance is a legal requirement, but it can be a big headache when costs spring up that you haven’t accounted for, from breakdowns to boiler servicing. Our Landlord No Hassle Heating Plan is an affordable monthly payment that gives you all the protection our domestic customers benefit from, plus meeting all the statutory needs of a tenanted property.

For just £19.99 a month per property, our Landlord No Hassle Heating Plan offers you;

  • 24/7 breakdown cover, for both callouts and repairs
  • Annual boiler servicing, at your convenience, to ensure your boiler stays in good shape and maintains your warranty
  • Electrical PAT testing
  • Issue of Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Upgrade to a platinum package for just £23.99 per month and if your broken down boiler is beyond repair, we’ll install a new one absolutely FREE.

Make Safe Emergency Service

If your tenant is suffering from a gas leak, or there is a danger to them from their gas and heating appliances, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, but most importantly you want to ensure your property is safe and nobody is at risk immediately.

At Thompson’s, we know that as a landlord the safety of your tenants is a priority, and our Make Safe Emergency Service is the perfect product for you. Offering 24/7 callouts, our make safe emergency service is just £45+VAT and will ensure your property is safe from dangers like gas leaks right away. Once the property is secured, you have the peace of mind to look at repairs without a panic.

Certifications and Assessments

If you’re just looking for a one-off service to meet your legal requirements, Thompson’s are on hand to cover the full range for the properties you own. we have a specific procedure in place to make sure that the Landlord Gas Safety Check is carried out before the previous one expires in order to ensure you comply with legal legislation. The results of these checks are recorded on a Landlord Gas Safety Record and a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate issued to you.

Legionella Risk Assessment is a legal requirement and it’s the assessment of the water system and pipework that runs within your property. The risk assessment is valid for two years unless a significant change has been made to the water system and or use of the building has changed. We can use our experience and expertise to help you fulfil your duty as a landlord of preparing a scheme for preventing and managing the risk of Legionella bacteria and make recommendations of how you can control any risk.

Why Use Thompson’s?

Thompson’s are trusted by hundreds of landlords and letting agents across Yorkshire, and we’re always on hand to meet the many requirements that being a landlord comes with. Being a landlord is hard enough, without all the other headaches it can come with.

That is why we’re proud to offer you a range of reliable and expert services to ensure you stay on the right side of the law and keep your tenants happy and healthy. Contact us today to find out more.

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