Gas Safety Checks & Certificates

If you’re looking for a landlord Gas Safety Check, you’ve come to the right place. As a proactive gas company we specialise in working closely with reputable letting agents and private landlords. We ensure that they receive the same level of excellence whilst ensuring that all occupants have safe gas appliances at a cost effective price. We make sure that all landlords adhere to legal legislation with our accredited Gas Safe registered engineers, who possess the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications.

Landlord Gas Safety Check

In order for us to adhere to the legal legislations on your behalf we endeavour to carry out the following checks:

  • We will test the appliance operating pressure and heat input,
  • We will ensure all safety devices are operational,
  • We will ensure the system has adequate ventilation,
  • We will carry out a visual examination of the flue,
  • We will carry out a spillage test,
  • We will inspect all seal and gas joints,
  • We will ensure the appliances are SAFE to use.

Once the appropriate checks have been completed on the gas appliances, we accurately record the findings on the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. Our registered engineers will leave a copy of this with the occupant of the property; they will also ensure that a copy is given to the landlord and or managing agent. We, as Thompson’s Gas Boiler & Heating Services, also keep a copy and we register this with Gas Safe on your behalf.

As a managing agent and or Landlord, we know it is imperative to have a copy of this to ensure the tenant is safe to rent the property. If any defects are found within the property relating to the gas appliances, Thompson’s Gas Boiler & Heating Services will advise you as a matter of urgency. If the gas appliances are found unsafe and are a risk to the occupant, with immediate effect we will make the property safe. We will recommend the appropriate action and under no circumstances will we carry out these remedial works without prior authorisation, and will do so at a competitive price.

Gas Safety Inspections are required every 12 months in a tenanted property and you must keep a record of the gas safety certificate for a minimum of two years in order to comply with legislation. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to gain access to carry out legal checks.

As a landlord or managing agent you have to have been seen to of taken reasonable steps so we at Thompson’s Gas Boiler & Heating Services have a specific procedure in place to ensure that the Landlord Gas Safety Check is carried out before the previous one expires in order to comply with legal legislation.

Landlord Gas Safety Record

As outlined by the Gas Safety Register, at the very least, the Landlord Gas Safety Record needs to contain:

  • A description and location of each appliance/flue checked
  • The name, registration number and signature of the engineer who did the gas safety check
  • The date the check was carried on
  • The address of the property where the appliance/flue is installed
  • Your name and address, as landlord of the property (or that of your agent where applicable)
  • Any safety issue that was flagged up and any steps needed or taken to solve them.
  • Confirmation of the results of the operational safety checks carried out on the appliances.

Building Regulations Compliance

When a Gas Safe Registered Engineer fits any gas appliance that generates heat inside your property you should receive a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. This paperwork shows that the Gas Safe registered engineer and the business they work for has followed The Building Regulations, Gas Safe registration rules and the protocols of their local area, by telling their Local Authority of any new gas appliance they have installed.

The responsibility also lies with you, the landlord of the property, to make sure that Building Regulations have been observed by ensuring the engineer has up-dated the relevant Local Authority of any gas appliances installed within 30 days of the installation being finished.

Gas Engineers who are registered with Gas Safe can notify their local Authority via the Gas Safe Register. Once finalised, Building Regulations Compliance Certificate should arrive for you in the post within 10-15 working days (28 days max) of the new gas appliance being placed in your property.

You’ll need to keep the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate safe as it belongs to the property so you’ll need to pass it on to the next owner if you chose to sell your property or re-mortgage.

Though it doesn’t come under the Building Regulations, you/ your gas engineer can voluntarily inform your Local Authority of when a cooker or hob (a flueless gas cooking appliance) is fitted into your property. When you do this, you will be issued with a Declaration of Safety Certificate.