PAT Testing

Landlords have a statutory responsibility to ensure that all portable appliances on their premises are safe for use. PAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing is a process in which electrical appliances within the property are routinely checked to ensure they are safe.

This forms an important part of Health and Safety regulations. Unfortunately, there are a large number of electrical related injuries within rented properties and many fires are caused by electrical items failing. By carrying out a PAT test, you can prevent fatal accidents. The equipment is to be examined regularly and in order to prevent danger, all electrical equipment should be maintained, safely. Landlords are responsible for this if they have supplied an occupant with any white goods or electrical items within the property. There are various punishments’ that can be given to a landlord if an accident happens to a tenant due to an electrical appliance owned by the landlord.

Thompson’s Gas Boiler & Heating Services are able to do a PAT test at an unbeatable price to meet our price promise! Our electricians are more than experienced to do so in order to keep our landlords complying with legislation. Carrying out a PAT test is more than cost effective. Many of our landlords have seen a reduction in their insurance due to having a regular Pat testing regime carried out by us. We are offering our PAT tests as part of our ‘SuperAgent’ promotion.